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Search for all  underground storage tank facilities that have been verified by GPS within 1/2   mile radius of an entered location  (see * Note Below)      

  • Option 1: Search by Name of Facility, Street , City or County
  • Option 3:  Search by Latitude and Longitude     

About These Searches

  • You may search for registered facilities within  a half mile of  Latitude /Longitude coordinates.
  • The results from the "Facilities within .5 mile Search" will show current and historical facilities, facility owners or operators, status of tanks and leaking U.S.T events.
  • * Not all Facilities have been GPS'd:
    • As of 04/24/2018 :
      •    1481 of 1525 active facilities have been GPS'd
      •    1874 of 4472 closed facilites have been GPS'd
      •    1446 of 1483 currently leaking facilities have been GPS'd 
  • In all searches if additional information is available for any given data element that data element will be in blue and underlined. This link may be clicked to view the additional information. 


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